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  •  Now a days there are  many instances  coming in news where  sewage worker are continuously dying while cleaning or setting up sewer connections.

     the reason behind  these deaths are lack of safety equipment  ,proper knowledge of where the blockage in the sewer has taken place  and toxic gases present in the sewers.   

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  • interview of a sewage cleaning company manager

    1) Do you face this problem? (Why, When, Where and How?)

    ans) yes! we face this problem on a regular basis. the sewage system of India is very old and the maps are also not very perfect so it is very difficult for us to make an estimation so as to where exactly the blockage has taken place .as a result we are in a way forced to send a person down the sewer to check the exact location where the blockage is. the people going down there are as a result prone to many accidents like harmful gases, dying by being trapped in the garbage e.t.c.

    2) can you tell of anyone who has gone inside a sewer,faced such a problem and come out alive?

    ans) yes, yesterday only a worker got trapped in the gutter .though he was wearing a mask and the suit but he had got trapped in the sewage so badly that for once we thought that we had lost him. but luckily we were able to pull him out of there.

    3) Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?

    ans)there are masks and safety gear provided to us but it can only protect us from the gases and germs that too partially.once the worker is inside he/she can die due to various reasons like getting caught in the sewage,gases reaching inside the suit which are fatal,getting lost as there is complete darkness inside e.t.c. even we feel bad for the workers but we don't have any other option as if we don't send a person down there it gets very difficult to detect and clear the blockage.

    4) How much would you pay to fix it?

    ans)we are a sewage cleaning company so our main focus is on this field only.if there is any way  in which we learn where the blockage and we can fix it without risking the life of the worker then we would definitely invest in it

  • User journey
    Now solution of this problem is we are going to use camera attach with flexible stick so it can easily reachable to dark sewer at some length, with the help of this camera sewer worker can easily see where is exactly blockage is present and 2nd thing we are going to use an equipment(structure like human hand) which work with the help of motor by this equipment we can easily throw out garbage  /blockage material present inside sewer
    Existing user experience-as the sewer worker have to go insid dark sewer where there is a chance of our death but no such technology is present which help us in small area to clean the sewer without going inside it so we have to take risk of our life. So that people living surrounding not suffer because of such mismanagement
    New use experience- with this technology now we have not to put our life in danger to clean the blockage with the help of stick we can easily see where is the blockage and by using handy equipment we can easily throw out these materials. So now it help us to keep our environment clean
October 20, 2019

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