• Aditya S; Ajith Bhaskar KS; Prashanth Saravanan; S.Sharan Vishnu;
  • Despite posing round-the-clock security guards and CCTVs, the number of ATM-related crimes is increasing every day.  According to the Reserve Bank of India, the amount lost in India in the past three years due to organized crime alone is  INR 168.74 crores. Not only does this cause a significant loss to banks, but it also poses a huge threat to the customers, who are often threatened/assaulted and sometimes killed in extreme cases. 

  • Priya is a 29-year-old female living on the outskirts of Chennai. She is dependent on the nearby ATM for cash. Gopal is a 65-year-old male who works as a security guard in an ATM near his house. He is dependent on his job to get through the day and due to his age, he is forced to work the night shift. One night, Priya uses the ATM around 11 pm. Two people wearing masks enter the ATM, assault Priya and force her to withdraw cash to take it from her. Gopal, who was sleeping all this while, wakes up and comes to her aid, only to get hit on the head. The robbers take off, leaving Gopal unconscious and bleeding and Priya dismayed.

  • We were aware of the security problem in the ATMs because of a piece of news which mentioned that a woman in Bangalore was brutally attacked in an ATM while she was withdrawing money in an ATM. This not only affects the customers but also causes a huge loss to the banks. We had an opportunity to talk with the VP of a reputed bank. He told that this clearly is a big problem to be solved for the banks because the current systems in place are very inefficient, costs a lot of money. On a rough estimate, it costs around Rs 50000 to Rs 75000 per month per ATM for overall maintanence of the ATMs and that 80% of the work can be automated. This will make their operational costs very less. The frequency of false alarms in current systems is very high and hence their systems are not linked to the nearby police station. The current CCTV providers to ATMs dont have any custom AI solution like predicting the human action available to monitor the ATMs. Cost of security personnel is Rs 15000 per person for 1 shift- 8 hrs/day. So for 3 shifts its around Rs 45000 totally. And he also mentioned that now is the best time because the RBI has also mandated banks to use e-surveillance systems to protect all the ATMs. So our solution not only cover all the aspects of their problems but also improves it exponentially.

  • The current systems comprise of security guards in the ATMs who are not expected to handled violent thugs, normal cctv cameras whose only use can be retrieve the footage in case of any incidents and then the whole process of finding the persons responsible for this. All this not only costs a lot but are also not reliable. So our solution is an evolution to the current security solutions wherein we identify what the person is doing inside an ATM and incase of any problem we will contact the nearby police station for speedy recovery of assets. We do all this much better than the current solutions and at incredibly low costs due to automation. 

November 12, 2019

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