Safety Assistance for the elderly

  • P Gokul ,Mahesh Govindarajan, Dhruv Chauhan, Priyadarshini Bhatnagar
  • Today the population of old age is increasing. It is predicted that the population of the old age people is will increase. This is credited to medical advancements, change in life styles. But due to unhealthy lifestyles, a lot of old age problems occur.One of major problems of old age being weakness in bone strength. For the above reasons they take the help of walking sticks. These can't be used near staircases. We as a team plan on developing an auto-expandable and contractible walking stick which decides  whether or not to expand based on sensor values. We make that the legs are auto-position adjustable . i.e the projected legs will extend in a way that it reaches the lower/higher step depending upon the direction of travel. 

  • Human Safety: Elderly people will be able to walk independently and more freely than before. For long the barricade for elderly was inability to climb up/descend down with their walking sticks. 

    1. No I don't face this problem
    2. Yes, Many of the old age people above 70 who use walking sticks for movement face this problem
    3. One day in school we had a chance of visiting an old age home.  I could see a lot of grandma's and grandpa's suffering to climb up a staircase. Their grips have become weak. They are able hold onto the railing of the staircase to climb up/get down. One among them was a military officer. He explained had he had any equipment that balances itself in the  staircase it could have helped him a lot.
    4. Presently they are one solution for this. But the solution is too impractical and costly to implement
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November 13, 2019

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