Robotic Fish

  • Dinesh Jena, Dibya Ranjan Barik, Dipun , Abhisekh Mohanty
  • We can use robotic fish in different ways like if a boat got sunk in the water, we search for people manually using human resources which sometimes does not help much. But if we use technologies like a Water Drone or Robotic Fish will help us find those sunk in water easily.

    This water drone can find treasures trapped in deep water bodies. If someone loses something valuable, we can help him/her to find that out.

  • Human safety: people carrying boat sunk in the water. We can use it for research deep down in water bodies. 

    1. NDRF/ ODRAF teams, do you face the problem of searching people deep down in water bodies when a boat sinks in?
    2. Do you think if this Robotic Fish would have been with you all that would have saved a lot of lives?
    3. Any experience of when you could not save someone, knowing if the process was faster it could have saved that person?
  • https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/andhra-pradesh-tourist-boat-capsized-godavari-river-no-casualties-1599397-2019-09-15



November 9, 2019

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