Road Safety System

  • Road safety is primarily meant for the prevention of accidents and to protect the road users from getting injured or killed. A lot of accidents happen daily leading to fatal injuries. One of the main causes of road accidents is people talking on their phones while driving. This is dangerous for the driver as well as the pedestrians.

    Sometimes when such casualties take place, there is nobody around to help us thereby increasing the risk of the situation. The objective is to provide a solution that would cater to the same.

  • Yash had to deliver a presentation on a major project this morning. He was already late, as a result, he was overspeeding. His focus was interrupted by unremitting phone calls from his boss as he crashed into an electric pole. He was severely injured and it took a lot of time for the nearby folks to come to his aid.

    Later, he came across an app which helped him manage his important phone calls while driving, pinged his emergency contacts (just in case) and notified people around that area in case of a casualty. 

October 6, 2019

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