Road Safety

  • Rohan Soneja, R. Sriram, Achuth Karakkat
  • Driving tests in India are highly inconsistent. Most of the people pass/fail these tests based on the whims of the judging inspectors, with many people passing with the help of unethical means like bribery. This causes the number of unqualified drivers on the road to increase significantly on a daily basis, which further leads to a surge in the number of road accidents, which is already ever-increasing. And the contrary is also true, with several qualified applicants failing the test due to the aforementioned reasons. This leads to wastage of money due to the incurred examination charges, unnecessary stress for applicants and ultimately, they are forced to break the law and drive without a license.

    The aim is to develop a smart solution to automate the process of evaluating a driving test, independent of human approval, so as to minimise the bias in the evaluation process.

  • Literally everybody who has to take a driving test comes under the user persona.

    But for now, we shall focus on driving tests involving 4 wheeled manual-transmission cars only, with easy scope extension once the solution is developed reasonably well for this vehicle class.

    Most of the applicants lie in the young adult age group of 18-24 years, although, again, anybody who has to take up a driving test shall be benefitted by this.

October 25, 2019

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