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  • Ananya Sonkar,Divya Pant
  • 1000 of people leave their home to reach their workplace in morning and return late at night tired and exhausted. Drivers are not cautious while driving and their exhaustion make them sleepy.They try to take small nap while driving which often leads to severe accidents.

    They often don't realize that their doze can take someone life.

    According to latest data, it is claimed that 40% of road accidents occur due to  drivers dozing off.

    It is a  matter of concern which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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    • transportation drivers working during late hours shift 
    • working people driving at night 
    • Truck drivers with tight scheduled

    They lack the ability to judge their body's exhaustion which often makes them to dozed off and leading to severe accidents.

    Target audience

    Other cars on road  even a pedestrian often become target to such accidents often making them to lose their life. 

    Such faulty accidents needs to be addressed as it causes innocent people to lose their life.

  • A PRESENTATION which says it ALL with some eye opening incidents.!



    views of a common citizen about problem of drivers sleeping at night while driving.


  • Road safety has become a major concern in all parts of world and every bit of efforts are taken by the government to control accidents that are often caused by over speeding,  entering into wrong lane etc..Once such concern is small nap taken by drivers while driving due to their tight scheduled which often leads to severe accidents.

    Therefore to prevent such accidents,  we are inspired to make an alerting system that will alert the driver if he/she fall into sleep.


    Assuming the upright position as correct position we'll consider this position at 0 degree and if a person fall asleep it will tend to fall forward which ultimately increases the angle to say 30 degree. An increase in angle will activate the buzzer system and a sharp and an irritating noise will beep hence awakening the driver.


    According to National Highway  Traffic Safety Administration reports that the drowsy driving causes more than 100000 car crashes and kills more than 1500 people each year.

    Tight schedule of truck drivers often made them to fall asleep during their working hours which lead to severe accidents and hence causing innocent people to lose their lives.

    IMAGE depicting the current situation and Number of crashes due to drivers dozing off.



    Drivers get alert whenever they tend to fall asleep by listening to loud noise beeped from alerting system. This way they hardly fall asleep and hence reducing the number of fatal  accidents .

    It will prove as a boon for late hours working drivers .

    IMAGE depicting the introduction of alerting system and its use.


October 20, 2019

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