Queue Management

  • Anantha Krishnan A G, Sanjiv, Aadharsh, Kadamban
  • Today with cities emerging all around, wherever we go we come across supermarkets. Supermarkets and Hypermarkets are a trend nowadays in sales of goods. Though many types and varieties of goods are available, their purchase has a problem. The problem is QUEUE. Even if you buy few things, you have to stand in a queue for long time to bill it. When it comes to days of demand, people suffer a lot in wasting their productive time. Billing counters take more time in billing them item by item.

  • This is mostly targeted on people living in Cities.

    1.Elder people of age group greater than 60.

     2.Mother/ Father with their small kids with them.

    3.Office goers and working people.

    4.People with health issues.

    5.Youngsters with their prior commitments ( friends, movies, studies!)

  • This problem is faced by every citizen of a country whenever he visits a supermarket.

    My hometown is Chennai. Being a Metropolitan city, supermarkets are the hotspots of shopping. I've mostly spent more than 20 minutes in billing counters on demand days. Moreover it gets delayed even further when the billing person is a newbie. 

    My friend who lives in Salem has spent nearly 40 minutes in waiting in a billing queue in a supermarket. Moreover he has back pain due to an injury. This worsened his shopping experience that he regretted it. This happened when he visited his hometown during vacation.

    Solution: We just thought of an idea to reduce the queue time by reducing the billing time. This can be reduced by the use of creativeness in technology. A basket used in carrying things that we are going to buy is a technology. But a basket which bills all the items in it with your concern would be a creative and a fun solution for customers. This reduces the billing time as the counter person will have to just collect the bill amount checking with the finalised bill and pack it. This reduces the time and also increases the customer's comfort of shopping. 

November 15, 2019

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