Human Ease and Comfort(Qradicate)

  • Riya, Priya
  • Dining out with friends and family is quite a common thing today but doesn’t it reminds you of the hassle you had to face last time to get that damn table ?
    People today face a lot of inconvenience when they enter a restaurant and order food where the queues are long and never ending, overflowing with people waiting to grab their food. Also for the waiters, it becomes a cumbersome task to serve food at the right table.They often get confused and hence face delay issues as a result of which many a times people don't wait for long and rather leave without eating. Also, it is difficult to call out names of the customers each time their order is ready to be served.

    This problem is so acute that people end up fighting and sometimes return home hungry.This all originates from one single thing - long queues.Also when a group of friends hang out together at a restaurant , the major problem that arises is the hassle of standing in long queues for placing order. This doesnt end here because what comes next is the challenge to find themselves a table.

    So all in all, this problem is being faced by many people including youngsters and family. Also, It is quite a tedious task for the waiters, their managers and other staff to get the right order served at the right table and also within a short duration of time. Thus, the target audience for this is the customers and the service providers both(here these are the restaurant staff). 

  • User can be any general intake of customers, managers and food customers, not restricted to some particular group of people as users. They can be anyone eating outside their houses, not able to eat at home as the times have changed now and people prefer nowadays to eat outside ( which might not be healthy) but finding a chaos in eating outside besides at home is a very concerning issue.

    There is a need of such kind of apps used along with the technologies with at par knowledge. Attaining such kind of target audience and problem description is not very easy. Using those existing apps make it a bit difficult for all those with neither Android nor iOS devices in handy. The solution to this problem aims to have the need to eradicate queue a bit more helpful. To fix such existing problems in numerous ways, we would at maximum either pay extra and book online or say, we would have to compromise with our choices.

  • Q1 What age group do you fall in and do you face any problems when you go out to dine out with your friends and family?
    A1 I am 17 years old and yes I do face some serious problems when we go out to dine. First and the foremost of all is we need to find ourselves a table. Its a challenge in itself. To get ourselves a single table, we have to wait for hours for that and the problem doesn not even here. After having found the table, our family member who is placing the order at the counter has to wait for even longer for his or her turn to come to place the order.Also at times during the payment,the cashier does not have the change for which more time is taken. Standing in queues is quite tiring altogether.
    Q2. Does any solution exist for this?
    A2 Quite frankly, there is none as of now but yeah something has to be done about it soon.
    Q3. What if a device is there to take your orders right at the table and you dont have to wait in long queues?Will that be helpful to you?
    A3 That would be big save for us. What is better than being able to place order while being seated at the table, in our comfort zone.
    Q4. Would you recommend this system to your aquintances? If ye, Why?
    A4 Yes, I will surely recommend this to my peers and aquaintances because this is so comfy. I would love it.
    Q5 How much are you willing to spend to get yourself out of this problem?
    A5 I will pay the needful amount because comfort is the foremost priority of every person. If I dont have to wait in queues, why wont I pay for it. It will be awesome.
  • When earlier I used to dine out with my friends and family, I faced of lot of problems. One of the most severe was to stand in queues for long time just to get the order placed.Even after that when we were to find ourseleves a table to sit, It was a difficult task. I got so irritated at times that we left without wating anything at all. Now having faced this problem myselfand also by my other friends and family members too, I have comd up with an awesome solution for this. What we can do is that We can install some devices within the tables which will take our orders. Also the payment can either be made online or Cash can be handed over to the waiter. This will not only resolve the issues regarding long queues but it will be time saving and hassle free. Another thing that I noticed was it was quite a tedious task for waiters to get the right order served at the right table. So for their convenience, An application for both android and IOS can be made which will keep a track of orders placed by customers and also a list of pending orders. A unique table number can be given for each table which will make it easy for the waiters to find the correct table. Having this system installed will make dinig out simpler and more fun and comfy for everyone like me who dines out very often.
October 20, 2019

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