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  • Pasupuleti Rithvij, Ruba Vignesh, Srivathsan Rengarajan, Varshin Hariharan
  • People who heavily depend on public transport are generally unaware where the buses are in real time and frequency of passengers travelling in that bus. Also, women safety is a cause of concern due to increasing crime rates pertaining to sexual harrasement and abuse. The government is also equally affected as this problem results in a huge loss in revenue.

  • Government: The public transport department will see a huge rise in revenue and ease and comfort of the public is ensured. 

    Public: They are the ones who  will be benefited the most as they get to know the real time locations of the buses which help them choose a better commute option, and a safe and secure travel is ensured due to adequate number of people in the bus.

  • People who go for work in an IT Corporate and of a middle class background, tend to take the cheapest mode of transport. The biggest problem that they face is time wastage due to waiting and reaching the destination, both late and totally exhausted. One more issue that is most complained about is the inability to track buses deployed in the same route and the no. of people inside each bus in real time. These lead to congestion, not just in buses but also in bus stands, escalating the risk of pickpockets. Women safety is also a growing cause of concern after recent incidents involving teens and students who are sexually harassed when they take the bus which is highly congested. We aim to come up with solutions to all these problems and implement these in real time to cater to the needs of the ever busy public.

  • Before: Bus congestion, women safety and time wastage in choosing a particular mode of transport are one of the biggest difficulties faced by the ever busy public in a day to day scenario.

    After: It makes people free to track the bus and choose a better way to get to their destinations as soon as possible.

November 13, 2019

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