Proximity Marketing

  • Aarti uniyal, Shivangi mishra, Vasundhara Bhardwaj
  • People often go to buy something to a place such as Clothes, Shoes etc or for hangout with their friends, colleagues into the market where there is lots of shops or malls so that they can spend quality time. Sometimes user can buy the same thing at different prices from the different mall or shop which was near him but due to lack of marketing by the retailer or due to lack of awareness of user he manages to buy the thing at higher price. Imagine you are at a place where you are surrounded by a couple of malls and want to buy a certain thing which is proposed by different brands in the market so how will you configure to buy the best one in lower price range? Also for the new retailers how will they able to grab attention of people who are moving around the place of retailer. Spending money on posters is harmful for nature as well as need extra effort to put them to different peoples. 

  • Awareness about a product or exciting offer : People of all age groups need this in order to buy or spending a quality time in a pocket friendly budget.

    Retailers : Why don't small retailers use digital media over the printed one whether knowing about the reach digital media is much higher than the printed one and also saves money and paper. 

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  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-oheU7cbukd_d1wNigB16Q1YDUfhDa5GLCaqUdF2Qkw/edit?usp=sharing

October 20, 2019

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