Prosthetic mechanical arm

  • Geethesh T G, Anupama, Ajith, Lochan Sri A
  • There are places where human hand work is required, but it is too dangerous for humans to approach such places. In such cases we need some external source of mechanical arm that can operate in the same way as a human arm. It is not only required for ensuring the safety of people but also essential for the people to operate from a remote distance.

    There is one other problem that we have. The number of people who are physically impaired is a big amount. They are in need of such mechanical arms for assistance.

  • There are mainly two major use cases for this kind of solution.

    One is the people who are in need of a mechanical arm for assistance. They are the ones who are physically impaired and they need some low cost mechanical arm to assist them in daily life.

    The next category of people are those in the industrial places who need to engage themselves in some dangerous or hazardous places where work cannot take place without proper human intervention. In such cases, the people can operate the mechanical arm from a remote place for ensuring their safety.

  • There are a lot of people that are physically impaired, and in need of physical assistance. They need to get themselves together only by the help of their peers. Instead they can make use of the technology to help themselves.

  • With the help of this prosthetic arm, the people who are physical impaired will get back their arms to support themselves.

November 14, 2019

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