Project Spotted

  • Geethesh T G, Anupama, Ajith, Lochan Sri A
  • In March 2019, a series of stories appeared dealing with the significant problem of missing people in Asia, as a result of migration in many instances and, in many other instances, as a result of governments circumventing the judicial process in the name of public security. But not only in Asia, but as per the Eurasia Review, there may be as much as 36 million people missing worldwide, and two-thirds of this number may be from Asia.

    The people missing can be split mainly into two categories. The first kind is the ones that are abducted in some way or the other. The second kind is the socially or mentally immature ones that get lost from their group of people and those who can't find their way back.

    This missing people problem has been persistent for so long, and there are some organizations that function with the sole purpose of reuniting the victims to their family members. But still, there aren't any efficient solutions that can completely eradicate this problem. Technology might be of great help in solving this problem. The big minds of the country are in need to put their thoughts to solve this problem at the earliest.

  • The main target audience for this solution can be categorized broadly into three types.

    The middle-aged people and teenagers who might be abducted in some way or the other can be helped by this system. At first, the images of the person are fed into the missing people database. Once a complaint is received, the security cameras will be accessed and then this system will automatically identify the person in the security footage.
    This system can be of great use to the children that tend to lose their family members and most victims of this kind cannot find their way back as they are not mature enough. The system acts here in pretty much the same as for the first user persona.
    Another case of missing people are the ones who are mentally unstable or those affected by mental diseases such Alzeihmers. They need to be taken special care of inorder to keep them safe. But it is not practically possible for a person to be always monitored just by human intervention. For that, this project will keep track of the user's digital footprint and that will further be used to predict the places where the person is most likely to be found.

  • There are lakhs of people wandering the streets of India after losing their family. It is our duty to reunite them with their families. But this cannot be made efficient with the existing solutions that are mainly powered by human intervention. The solution needs to be more versatile and faster in all aspects.

    The core idea of project Spotted is to use the crowdsourcing data in the form of a decentralized database to find the missing people. Our idea can be split into two main parts. We have planned to implement them both together.

    The first part of our project focuses on the case where children get lost in crowded places such as shopping complexes, temples, festival grounds, etc. In this case, most probably, the child's parent/guardian will be reporting his/her child as missing as soon as possible along with all the necessary details (such as name, age, dress color, and any other relevant information) and some recent photographs of the child. As soon as the child is reported as missing, our system is fed with the photographs of the child. We set a range of certain distance that the child would possibly cover in that time duration. Our system runs a facial recognition algorithm in all the available CCTV cameras in the nearby places. Once the child is identified in any of the cameras, the police are alerted to arrive at that location. If not found in the nearby circle, then the circle is extended to the next range.

    The second part of our project focuses on crowdsourcing data provided by the public. For this, we plan to build an application that works from the perspective of two users. One user is the police department, where the database is fed with the details of the missing victims along with their photographs. They can feed these details without any security issues, as the data fed can be accessed only by authorized persons to identify the missing persons. The other user is the general public. The users simply need to upload the picture of a person whom they suspect to be a victim. Our application compares this picture with the pictures in the database to check if the person's details are available. In case, the person's photograph identified him/her as a victim, the details of the person's current location will be reported to the nearest police station.

    This application is effective in terms of action. But the problem would be to think of how to make people use this app. For making people use this application, this has to be made as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) through which almost 80% of the total population can be promoted to use this app.

    This app will be made as a complete product in the future. In a country like India, where there are lakhs of people wandering in the streets after losing their family, it is our prime responsibility to make a move towards reuniting them to their families up to a maximum possible extent.

    One of the greatest examples that can be given for such kind of an example is the face recognition technology used by the Delhi police department. The Delhi police department has used one such system to find the missing people in which they went to public places wherever human trafficking is reported on a large scale. The system managed to identify more than 300 people and helped to reunite them with their family members.

    The cost of this system as per the user's side is absolutely zero as we are just providing them with an application that contains the provision to implement this system.

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zTrtRB_gXDV7K1A5QhiMQxpHIdcJvTDploeSOGgRKlA/edit?usp=sharing

November 10, 2019

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