Problem connecting doctors and ambulances

  • Subhakanta Satapathy
    1. Problem in accessing good doctors, waiting time.
    2. High consultation fees even for the lightest of the diseases like cold and cough, loose motion etc.
    3. Sometimes during emergency we end up reaching a hospital where there is shortage of beds or rooms and they send us to a different hospital which sometimes proves to be fatal.
    4. Sometimes there are some places where ambulance can't reach in time.
    5. When we call the ambulance but it is late and we have no idea about where it is.
    1. Patients
    2. Doctors/Hospital authority
    3. Ambulance drivers
    4. Public
  • A few years ago my grandmother was ill coz of her old age and frequently needed to use ambulance. But coz of delay in arrival of ambulance her health condition used become too serious. there were some instances where my uncle had to take her to the hospital by some other means.

    I also talked to some other users who had also this issue:

    USER 1(Named Tanmay):

    ME: Have u ever had any trouble in in accessing the good doctors say may be because of not getting appointment or high fees?

    Tanmay: Yes, sometimes i have had trouble getting to the doctors simply because of high fees at good hospitals.

    ME: Have u used any apps for consultation of  doctors?

    Tanmay: Yes, I've used practo but the fees over there is very expensive too.

    USER 2

    ME: Hey, have u ever had any issue with ambulance reaching late to ur destination?

    Aniket: No I haven't faced this kind of issue coz nobody needed an ambulance in my family until now but I've heard a few instances of it in my locality. 

    ME: Say you are in a remote place or at a place where ambulance is having trouble reaching coz of say traffic or bad weather or something like that. Suppose u own car or auto rickshaw, would like to take a patient to the nearby hospital or to a place where ambulance can reach if u were given some incentives like some discounts?

    Aniket: Yes of course!  I would be more than happy to do that but considering that the patient doesn't have any serious contagious disease.

    Most of the other people I talked shares somewhat similar opinion. 

    According to hindustan times more than 50% of the heart attack cases are caused due to reaching hospital late coz of delay in the arrival of ambulance. 

     National Institute of Emergency Medicine (NIEM) revealed more than 20 percent of patients, requiring immediate medical care died due to traffic delays from rural sectors. This in coordination occurs mainly due to miscommunication and improper manual synchronization. 

  • Now the users don't have to wander from hospital to hospital in search of beds during emergency. The app will suggest them a list of the best hospitals around considering beds available, customer reviews, doctors etc etc. 

    At a place where ambulance is having trouble reaching? There's someone around the corner  to help you out in reaching the hospital or to the ambulance.

    U can easily get checked up by doctors with minimal fees at home. 

November 22, 2019

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