Preventing Piracy of Digital Content

  • Through all the glories that internet has to offer, like an ocean, one thing that we are all afraid of the platform is piracy of shared content, like the pirates who steal treasure in the sea! Digital content out there in the internet can easily be copied if there are not enough security measures being taken to prevent the same. Even if there are security measures taken, we can see that there are a lot of other vulnerabilities that occur at different stages of transmission of the resource which is how we get to watch the movies in our computers the next day they are released in the theater! Securing digital content is a prime problem and needs an effective solution from budding engineers to fix the leaks that occur in the ship (digital content) when it travel across the sea (internet)!

  • We would like to provide this solution with great honor to all the content creators out there who make amazing digital consumer content but struggle to maintain a control over the resources that they create.

September 27, 2019

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