Precision farming

  • Abhishekk Lal naikk, Saksham Srivastava, Gyander singh, Raghav Soni
  • Using fertilizer is more harmful to humans and there is a shortage of fertilizer sprayer and farmer day today. The agriculture production is decreasing and increasing population rapidly and lots of farmers are choosing another profession. so we are developing prototypes to increase the production with robots, Aerial Vehicle and less human need. Using Robots can motivate youngsters in the field of agriculture

  • Farmers, Government body, agriculture insurance companies

  • The farmers are facing problems due to fertilizer and it is time taking process to identify weeds, deficiency and disease in the plant over a field.there are fertilizer sprayers in India but our aim is to process complete crop health and apply fertilizer as above results which save the cost of fertilizer and  time which makes agriculture easy and efficient

  • we have developed an autonomous quadcopter which can travel over a field by giving four coordinate in an app

January 16, 2020

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