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  • As we know the poultry birds are bred in large scale, so the waste generated is very high. The excreta produced by the birds contain very high levels of ammonia. The growth and egg production is inhibited by this high level of ammonia in the air and light plays a crucial role in hatching of the eggs and the growth ,the farm is not able to provide ample amount of heat and light a sit is largely crowded.

  • Farmers: the rural community which owns poultry farms.

    Egg vendors: the egg-based shops

    Consumers: as we expect a good healthy egg  to eat

  • 1.Yeah, i face this problem because of this my hens are yielding very low number of eggs and the area always smells very bad as it is along the village road it also disturbs the villagers.

    2.As you know, I am not only the farmer who is having this problem but no solutions is provided for this problem so no one show to solve this problem.

    3.No experience in using this kind of technology to avoid this problem.

    4. Yeah the only way to solve the problem is clean manually but you know the hens are always in the farm so no human can walk in and clean it, once you clean in less than half an hour again the smell starts to come, so we do not clean much and when it rains it smells even worse.

    5.As long as the technology  helps me to increase my yield and gives me profit I will make use of it,and most importantly it should not  disturb my chickens. 


  • BEFORE- the chickens were malnourished due to the ammonia presence and insufficient light and heat

    AFTER- We takeout the problem of the ammonia in the air and provide the chickens with proper light and heat for their proper growth.

November 13, 2019


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