pollution, threat to marine life ,unemployment

  • Every day tons of flowerel waste are wasted through different channels either dumped in soil or dump pits or thrown into the rivers which damages the rivers a lot .tons of flower are put into temples every day . our startup is to collect the waste and segregate them all and make use full things out of it like incent sticks , organic dyes,perfumes and totally rotten one into organic manure. our idea is to give employment to the beggers and very poor women  who lives near the famous temples or rivers to collect all the flower and segregate them all differently in order to take different use of it .it would empower the women . we would generally follow B to B bissnus and take the pandits of temples as our brand ammessader of incent stickes  for first 1 year and further collbrate with  e-comerce company or devlop our own platform to sell the products .   it would easyly grab the CSR money .  

  • very few part of the total waste are goning into farm field . most of are thrown in public places and flowen into river  

October 16, 2019

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