Pollution due to industrial waste as the factories are not utilizing waste treatment plants.

  • Alisa Joseph
  • Even though there are waste treatment plants associated with industries,they are not utilizing it because of the cost of working and maintenance.They just burnt it or fed back into a near lying body of water.This cause immense environmental problems and followed health issues.And also chances of corrupting the officers are high for fake certificates regarding waste management.

  • Factories who do not treat their waste properly.


    People residing near the factories

  • We went to the state pollution control board and talk to the environmental engineer.He gave as an overall idea about the current situation regarding the industrial waste treatment and technologies used in this area.And there we met with some villagers who is suffering due to the pollution caused by a workshop.

    Both the common people and government faces severe problem due to the waste from industries.There is no proper waste treatment happening in small  industries.This affects only the local people and no one is addressing  this.Even if they complaint about this, proper action is not taken by government bodies as it is not affecting a large number .Also there is a scope of bribing.Even when we approached them to know more about this ,they were very much non cooperative and demotivating, so we had to talk with another person from there head office ,which helped us.He gave us a brief idea about what happening there in huge industries and how their waste treatment and monitoring happening.There is a system to track the waste treatment by the government itself but it is implemented only in public industries and its by means of a private software which not trustworthy.And also we came to know that no one is there for address pollution from small industries.

    when we asked about the difficulties faced by the natives of small  industries, he finally admitted that they can't do much on this and said "they  should realize that its there fundamental duty to not harm others and environment".

    so what we are proposing is a system which will monitor waste treatment irrespective of whether they affects a large population or not.As ones  Mr. Toepfer said. "Environmental conditions clearly help to determine the extent to which people enjoy their basic rights to life, health, adequate food and housing, and traditional livelihood and culture."


  • Before:

    1. POLLUTION-Environmental degradation,Health issues...
    2. No one to address pollution from small industries 
    3. waste treatment monitoring is manual 
    4. people from local area suffers a lot 
    5. Bribing of officials 


    1. Pollution free environment for everyone.
    2. Violators are being punished.
    3. Online monitoring is possible.
    4. Trust free database.
    5. No chances of bribing.
October 26, 2019

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