Pet animals and livestock tracking

  • Maneesh PK, Aslam Ali, Sam Mathew Saji, Arjun Santhosh
  • People especially the ones living in urban areas and those who have confined space have difficulty in keeping their pets within a restricted space. They also want to easily track their pets if it gets lost.

    •  Pet owners, especially the ones owning expensive imported breeds
    • Livestock farmers whose lives and economical condition depend on the well being of their animals.
  • Most of the pets are expensive to look after. So the pet owners won't mind spending a bit extra to improve the conditions for their pets. Just like the smart bands and watches available for humans, smart collars can help monitor the location of the pets along with it's complimenting android/ios application.

    There are already smart collars available in the market for pets. But those are expensive and do not have much publicity among the people. So with proper advertisement, appropriate cost and added functionality, this smart collar can be successfully sold even to the common people.

    • Pets are under the risk of getting lost.
    • no proper racking of activity and health.

    After using smart pet collars

    Pets are now being tracked efficiently and the collar helps in showing the activity level of a pet and determines how healthy it is which can help in trusted sale and breeding of pets.

April 17, 2020

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