Personal Hygiene

  • Kishore Saravanan, Dheeraj Varghese
  • The flush handle can be home to as much as 83 bacteria per square inch.

  • Personal Hygiene: Every human, as it is the necessity of every human being to use the toilet.

    1. Yes, I have placed this problem in public toilets, where you come in direct contact with the flush handle, hence directly contacting with infectious germs.
    2. Germophobes face this problem on a day to day basis. Also, an acquaintance of mine left school midway to go home just because he had to excrete and was scared of the cleanliness in the public toilets.
    3. A study published in “Applied and Environmental Microbiology” assessed the microbes present in public restrooms. Scientists actually discovered genetic traces of more than 77,000 distinct types of bacteria and viruses in these spaces. This staggering number of bacteria that we are coming directly in contact with, every single day of our life is frankly horrifying.
    4. Manually cleaning the toilet on an everyday basis could solve this problem but yet again, while cleaning everyday we do come directly in contact with the bacteria present on the toilet.
    5. I would pay 4000 more than the average cost for a toilet(10,000)=14,000 INR to fix this problem
  • Before:

    A nervous germophobe, living in constant fear of using public toilets as they are not known for having the best reputation for cleanliness, trying to control his natural obligations to excrete, thereby ruining his/her day, every day.


    A germophobe not worried about his need to excrete, as he is guaranteed to not be in direct contact with the toilet seat handle and flush by using gesture recognition  and clap sound activation(works similar to lights that turn on when clapped twice) therefore not ruining his/her day.

November 14, 2019

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