Non reliable mobile data connectivity for various mobile data networks.

  • Bharath Manchikanti, Sri Hari S, Hemanth Kumar P, Krishna Tej Alahari
  • Nowadays, there is an exponential increase in mobile data consumption.  Even though there is significant coverage and expansion of network services,  we still face internet connectivity issues in every locality at particular spots. Reframing the sentence, only particular spots in the locality have reliable internet connectivity. But, people might not be aware of those spots. Identifying these spots in a particular locality helps users to access reliable connectivity for important tasks that demand reliable connectivity. (example, high volume downloads need reliable connectivity). Example scenario: Students on our campus usually don't have reliable data connections in hostel rooms, but there are spots in the university premises where a reliable connection is available ex: canteen, library 2nd floor, swimming pool, etc.  Identifying even more spots and visualizing them in maps helps users to use those places in times of need.

  • Any person who uses a mobile data connection for daily activities on a smartphone and requires a reliable internet connection.

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cm7wZ7w79Xla00hKadYbh8QCU8vs1Xtb/view?usp=drivesdk

  • As a student, we have a lot of content to study from the internet and to watch video lectures, enroll in online courses. We are not able to take maximum advantage of these resources that are online due to our inconsistent mobile networks. Not only online study but also problems are faced during video calls while talking to people we care about. We felt an immediate necessity to provide a solution to this problem which is faced by many. Even while submitting this idea we are struggling to get a reliable connection. All of this can be solved by knowing the locations with a reliable connection and simply go there to quickly complete our task. 

    After finding a potential solution to this problem,

    Since we know where we can get a proper connection, we need not waste time sitting in our rooms trying to download at low speeds. We can tap the potential of many online resources efficiently and study more from online.

November 13, 2019

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