NO autosave feature in this website itself..

  • Sagar Gautam Panda
  • I was editing my ideas and doing so i faced this problem. I wrote for an hour straight and then suddenly the website didn't responded maybe because of sudden loss of internet. and that was it.. the things i wrote were all gone.

  • everyone who filled up this form or is going to fill future forms like this with no auto save.

  • this has no validation actually.. it is straight forward that it would be great to have this small but very useful feature of autosaving.

  • quite funny that this is the same topic in my first challenge. "user journey" it had around 3 - 4 pages of my typing and this actually demotivates a lot.. after writing a self satisfactory topic and just completing it and then it's vanish like it never actually existed.. it would be great if this problem is forwarded to the people who designed this website.


November 21, 2019

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