• To design and develop user centered, sensors based alerting blind stick for easy navigation of visually challenged on the roads.

  • Vijayakumar Pattanashetti, Roshan Lal D., Chandan Kumar, Soundarya, Nithin Gowda, Vinayak N.
  • Team Nexus
  • We are team of six enthusiast second year Electronics and Communication Engineering students. As a part of our course, Design Thinking 2 under the guidance of Prof. Vaibhav B., we carried out this project successfully. We practiced design thinking methodologies before and while coming up with the product, where we kept our target customers i.e., visually challenged at the center of product design.

  • Internet of Things (IoT), Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Python, Embedded Systems, Quantum Computing, Deep Learning and Image Processing, Autonomous Vehicles.

  • We have been part of projects in other teams and as individuals. Here are a few projects that some of us have been part of.

    1. Virtual Body Guard - an app built using Python that safe guards the women in metro cities. It triggers when women requests foe help by speaking "Help me". Once triggered, it starts capturing the location, random photos, videos, sometimes nearby device information and sends to the emergency contact via SMS and email services, after automatically switching on the data services, if internet/data is off previously.
    2. eBus Service - The project employs RFID system to track the college bus and update on the same to the user/student waiting in next stop. As a core component the project involved, Raspberry Pi3 which was then coded in Python to build software services to send tracked information via email and/or SMS.
    3. Android App controlled Land Rover - The land rover was built using Arduino Nano which was controllable through android app. The rover was built for industrial inspection/supervision purpose for hazardous gas leakage detection and give buzzer alert.
  • We, as a team, love building user-centered solutions, projects, products following the design thinking methodologies that tackle the pain-in-the-butt problems and have impact on the society. We have expertise in these areas - Internet of Things (IoT), Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Python and Embedded Systems.

January 29, 2021

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