• To develop a module that makes any car a self driving car.

  • Arun Kumar Mohanty, Jivitesh Debata, Md. Azmal, Kamakshya Mohapatra, Anshuman Pandia, Manosini Das
  • MultiWe
  • We are a team of six people who have worked in different sectors of engineering. We are curious to learn about any viable tech. We believe in developing skills.

  • Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Additive and subtractive Manufacturing, Drone development, Web development

    1. Wireless communication
    2. Drone development
    3. Block chain development
    4. Web development
    5. Object Detection
  • 3D printing, CNC machining, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Drone development

February 8, 2021

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