MTS-Metro Travel Simplified

  • Idea by: Sanskriti Kalra, Team Members are: Sanskriti Kalra, Haripriya Vats, Parul, Ashmeen Kaur
  • Many people have to stand in long queues in certain metro stations to get a token or to get their cards recharged.There are also many instances when one forgets to bring his/her metro cards to the station and thus has to stand in perilous long queues of tokens. This wastes time, energy and creates chaos. 

  • Men,Women,Children,Adolescents- anybody who uses metro to travel.

  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bpYwu5g5EjHEjYYXuMneuloNvqsvo54f

    Google survey responses : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1dWQNoaxPNGUVgzaEZlSTA3TGtNaFd1VUlOcHdZX3dGTWRR

  • There are many metro stations which have long queues in order to purchase a token or to get your card recharged. So in order to ensure easy travel one has to get the metro card with them every time they use the service. Recently, it was realized that the need of metro card is redundant. 

    So , the proposed solution is to download our app and enter your destination. Then a QR code will be generated. The scanners will be installed in the metro station, which will scan the QR code from the mobile screens and give the entry. After exiting at the desired destination it will cut the appropriate amount from PayTm or any other app that will be linked with their accounts.

    If the above solution is implemented successfully, it will save time and energy of plethora of people and reduce the chaos at the stations tremendously.


    Given below is the link to show how our app will affect people:


October 20, 2019

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