motorized ankle-foot prosthesis

    •   35 to 40 million people globally require prosthetic and orthotic services.- W.H.O.
    • Lower limb prosthetic devices can reconnect and restore the capacity for locomotion for unresolved grievances
    • Loss of limb means loss of career . All foot designs are susceptible to permanent deformation after being used to walk for some time. Catastrophic failures of the feet of several prosthetics have occurred, endangering the patients. Aim is to prioritize the wellbeing and long-term health of our users via efficient mobility .
    • SACH , Jaipur ,Madras Foot have a life span of 2-3 years due  to fatigue & crack
    • Passive designs Depletes extra metabolic energy & hence people with muscles weakness or old aged can’t use it efficiently.
    • Providing engineering solution to the world of prosthetics and bringing out a design that can emulate or approximate normal leg profile (gait) without surgical intervention.
    • super smooth transition allows unmatched range of motion ,looks and feels more natural. Ideally there shold be No dead spot  from heel strike to toe-off.
    • articulation at the ankle joint to provide improved stability and comfort while sitting, squatting, and during ambulation on level ground, slopes, and while navigating uneven terrain.
    • Passive designs needs extra energy for centre of gravity re-location .
    • Fewer moving parts can reduce maintenance cost also.
    1. At some point of time everybody needs medical assistive devices thus it encompassing each and every individual’s needs .
    2. Running/ high activity sports-person (carbon fiber foot module for smooth gait)
    3. Capacities of impaired ,soldiers , If revamped and Re-strengthened , can do wonders for defense services.
  • Biomedical Engineering is a highly interdisciplinary and upcoming field of technology. it would create job opportunities for every engineering background students to deliver their services in improving the quality of life .

    • the basic architecture of the prosthesis is a unidirectional spring, in parallel with a force-controllable actuator. With this architecture, the ankle-foot prosthesis matches the size and weight of the human ankle, and is also capable of delivering high mechanical power and torque observed in normal human walking.
    •  sensors to get the real time data and comparing it with normal gait pattern recognition in matlab for planning motor trajectory
  • the objective is the showcase  a product to the people that india is also efficient in making these devices thereby creating intrests of people in this sector and creation of job opportunities by manufacturing at a very large scale to abrogate dependencey on imports . 

September 29, 2019

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