motorized ankle-foot prosthesis

    • 35 to 40 million people globally require prosthetic and orthotic services.- W.H.O.
    • SACH , Jaipur Madras Foot live uptil 2-3 years hence prone to bumper fatigue & crack
    • Passive designs Depletes extra metabolic energy & hence People with muscles weakness or old aged can't use it efficiently.
    • So we are introducing the concept of powered ankle foot prosthetic design 
    1. At some point of time everybody needs medical assistive devices thus it encompasses each and every individual’s needs .
    2. Running/ high activity sports-person (carbon fiber foot module for smooth gait)
    3. Capacities of impaired ,soldiers , if revamped and Re-strengthened , can do wonders for defence services.
September 29, 2019

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