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  • Jivitesh Debata
  • Transport in our society has basically  stayed stagnant ever since FORD brought in the automobile revolution.
    Road layout, traffic rules and signals are all based around the fact there is always a human behind the wheel.
    This leads to extremely inefficient form of transport for any kind of payload (human, objects or otherwise).

    In our current generation where technology is capable enough to drive cars on their own  ,not changing  the current system of transport would just cause further damage to society in terms of productivity and pollution. 

  • Any human above the age of 18 regardless of gender , mental ability , qualifications residing in any city with well established roads.
    Any human who for some reason or other can not travel on their own ( for being new in the city, or physically not able to drive/ride, expense)

  • Interviewer : Do u know how to drive? 

    Interviewee : No.

    Interviewer :How do you primarily travel?

    Interviewee :Ola/Uber/ Bus

    Interviewer :How has the experience been?

    Interviewee : Its okay. Just unreliable at a lot of times.

    Interviewer : Have you been in an accident using these services? or have faced rash driving?

    Interviewee :Yes.

    Interviewer : Given a choice how would you improve the scenario?

    Interviewee: I would want my transport to be the same as any other government service. Not something personally i have to take care of. 

    Interviewer: Why don't you use government supported buses ,rails then?

    Interviewee: That doesn't provide a transport solution. It takes me from a predefined point A to point B. I want to be able to go from point xyz to abc as i please with zero hassle.

    Interviewer : Why not OLA/ UBER then?

    Interviewee: They provide a private service where again I'm dependent on them. Strikes surge prices etc . I want to be able to control of my own transport. 

    Interviewer: You basically want a car that drives around at your command? 

    Interviewee : Yes.

  • Before-Currently human behavior dictates how any form of transport works .

    After -If artificial intelligence is properly deployed so that all cars (any one at all) can do basic automatic transportation then transportation will be very optimized.

    Self driving cars being Phase I, in Phase II  changes in rules of transport based on standardization of Phase II basically will eliminate any need of a human at all in transportation at all.

November 4, 2019

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