Mental Health and Emotional Health

  • Kshitija, Muskan, tulika and Sakshi
  • Mental and emotional issues are stigmatised. Those who are suffering from them are not able to receive help from the professionals due to lack of awareness and stigma related to it. Students are not able to afford costly treatments. It is very necessary to devise a solution which connects the people dealing with mental health issues and the one who can help them also we need to eradicate the stigma related to this so that more and more people can ask for help and receive too. 

  • Students - 18 to 23

    Corporate Employees  and anyone who needs help to deal with their mental and emotional issues.

  • Here is the link to the detailed report of the survey we did for our problem statement and the idea.


    Here is the link of the survey 


  • The user here is a girl. She faces emotional discomfort every now and then and she doesn't know how to deal with it. It is somehow degrading her self. As she uses the app (Raahee). She now is able to acknowledge the emotional turmoil within herself and further has the option of getting the solution from the professionals

    She can track her stress levels and also play super fun games to reduce her anxiety and stress.

    Before she didn't have people to connect with but now she has her support group which she creatd herself with the help of app

    she felt alone but now she knows that help is within her reach. Not only her she can help anyone.

    She can search for nearby mental help centres. 

October 20, 2019

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