Measuring Soil parameters

  • Yashika Nawani, Subhra Sarita Sahoo, Vaibhavi Pathak
  • The weather of an area plays an essential role in the state of environment of that area like soil,water quality .This poses a major threat to the crops grown in the farms.Crops get ruined if soil is not fertile thus leading to iflation.

    • Farmers in agricultural sector
  • 1)Do you face this problem??
    ans:YES..often..this is one of the major problem faced by us in the farming process..we have to cautious all the time about the soil and its effect on crops because crops once ruined can not be reverted back.

    2)Can you share some experiences if any?
    ans:yes..once our crops were ruined and that season we were out of all resources whether it be food or money.That year we had to live in debt.

  • This project will help the user as it will diplay the condition of the soil.Thus the user becomes concious of the requirements of soil and hence saving crops from being ruined,saving user from crisis.

October 22, 2019

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