Massive Urbanization and consequent lack of Food Safety

  • Pritheev S, Rajesh T, Raguraman T B
  • Due to massive urbanization which is due to increasing population, there is a wide scale deforestation that is happening in so many parts of the world. The technique that is widely used to combat this problem as of is the intensive usage of high yielding crop varieties which deteriorate the quality of the food items to a great extent. Our problem in one line is, "The lack of quality food items through feasible and affordable means."

    We are trying to add to the iterative development of the modern technologies such as Vertical and Terrace Farming by Automating and Optimizing them.

  • Massive Urbanization and consequent lack of Food Safety : Households residing in a Urban setting, Apartment, Township Communities, Offices with Huge Terrace area.

  • An excerpt of a conversation between me and my mother.

    Me : Mom, why are preparing the same dishes day on day.

    She : Rajesh, Are you out of your mind, I am spending most of the time thinking what different to cook each day and is this how you show me your gratitude?

    Me : What? What you did yesterday and today aren't the same.

    She : Are you kidding me!?

    Me : Mom, what do you think is the reason for the lack of freshness in food these days.

    She : 10 years back, tomatoes were small yet they can be smelled meters before. Now a days, it feels as though cutting a ball of water. 

    Me : Mom, I direly miss those days! Where can I get those food items back?

    She : Your Grandma's Home!

    She : At your Grandma's place, every house has a small farm attached ,where they grow their own crops and vegetables for domestic purpose. Farming at their backyard is their hobby. Now-a-days, people don't have time for such things, also they don't have space at their houses to grow plants.

    A Phone call by Rajesh with his mother  <= Click here.

  • click here => Youtube Video as a User Journey

November 15, 2019

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