Machine Learning for All

  • Abhay Katheria ,Mithlesh Tiwari, Chitransh Anand, Anshika Gangwar
  • We have a hype in deep learning learners and machine learning learners everyone is crazy about ai/ml but there exist no visual scripting like platform for newbie user or someone with no programming experience to train efficient models and share them with world.

     Another problem is there is no platform where user can show off their machine learning models to others share their chatbots ,image  classifiers,rank predictors to  others.So we want to develop a cloud platform to create an end user api for mobile and desktop users which can take input from user and process it through the model and give output to the user.

    We will also have upvoting system for models there could be a leaderboard where data-scientist can show off their models anyone can check their model and tinker with it to create more awesome models.


  • Data Scientists - Arun and sameer are two data scientist. Arun made a awesome chatbot and sameer an image captioning bot. Both want to check each others model and use them.

    or their is developer Karan who want to use  use sameers bot in his project.

    or their is 11 year old boy prashant who is extremely interested in ai and want to explore the world of ai but sad thing is he cant code.

January 21, 2020

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