Live Tracking & Security Issues in DBMS

  • Subhashish Sahu
  • When there is large number of people working together on a common project and are placed farther apart from each other, then the problem arises is how to track the physical activities of the team; and the progress they have made individually. Their contributions to the task isn't clear and fail to track the progress of the project. They become uncertain about their leads, sales, progress, deadline, etc. Also if there is information shared over social media or any such connecting platforms then the problem of security arises

  • Activity Tracking: The physical activities and advancements to a particular task is uncertain to the whole team working on the same project. They become unsure about the info of where they exactly are in the track of the project and get delayed in their work flow as a result. so to avoid this, they use social media to keep track. But the problem of security arises.

    Security Issues: In social media and such platforms there is risk to lose sensitive information and data to a third party. So there is a need to use a secure Database. But there are also security issues in the Database Management System.

  • Many people face this problem. This has happened with me as well. When my team makes advancements on a certain work; they find it difficult to keep track of their advancements on particular work, as there are several individuals working under the same objective.  

    Many Non-profit Organisations, Event Management teams, small Distributors, etc have trouble keeping track on their progress.

    We all do not use social media as a platform to upload and track to our work even if that's considered as an asset. When there is a distribution business or an NGO working on a project physically with sensitive information that they don't want to get leaked. The social platforms fail to give security and as a result such groups fail to rely on those things.

  • A few months ago, me and a friend of mine were involved in a project of an event management organisation. And we were advancing on the task given to us as a team. There were more of fellow members involved as a team on the same project as well. Now we had to keep the deadline in mind and work accordingly in strain. 

    The work was pretty simple. But we were having trouble to keep track of the advancements made under the assignment and as a result were slowing down. We had to double check and confirm with the authority and our management whether we had to go there for continuation or head to a different location. Though there is a different set of team working on the same assignment as well; there was a chance that they already have visited the location and completed the task on behalf of the organisation.

    We couldn't rely on social media services to exchange information. Because there is always a chance that such sites could be hacked and the potential information can be stolen. We couldn't afford to let lose that sensitive info even after knowing the risks involving social media platforms. 

    But we had to complete the project under the limited time period. There were no excuses acceptable. We had to be efficient in our output.

    Therefore, we had to opt for an application that promises that it could maintain such works efficiently. We weren't sure about our decision, but had to take the leap as there was no other option available. But our fear was right on point. That platform was unsafe for our info and wasn't efficient either. Thank god, nothing much happened. But the risk was real.

    We wanted such a management system that was easily accessible by individuals like us and which can stack our data efficiently and is safe which can be relied on without any doubt.

November 21, 2019

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