lack of technology to revolutionize travel

  • Ananya Sonkar, Aastha Singh
  • Even in 21st century , time to travel between Pune and Delhi is 24 hrs. via train and to travel between countries is not less than 20 hrs. via flight. We don't have technology that can reduce the travelling time plus expenses.

    Technology should be used to make teleportation easier . This will reduce the time taken to cover large distances which in turn help ambulance or fire brigade to reach their destination soon.


    common citizens- long route often causes irritation and exhaustion which can lead to severe road accidents   .

    In particular-

    ambulance driver- often the road is jammed , which in turn terrifies the driver as its his duty to make the patient reach hospital on time. he gets often tensed, frustrated which often leads to accident .

    patient - often the condition is severe , and in that case if ambulance has to travel for approx. 1 hr. from patient home to hospital  then it is even worse.

    Even for people who are ready to invest their time in travelling , for them expenses often becomes a challenge. The costly flight or train tickets makes these people to drop their family trip.

  • A PRESENTATION and a SURVEY which says  ALL.


  • Elon Musk's vision to revolutionize travel and cover a distance of 381.9 miles in just 37 minutes motivated and inspired us to design something which is unique, fast and cheap.

    Most of the time is wasted in standing in long queues at platforms or being stuck in heavy traffic and then covering merely a distance of 15 minutes in more than one hour .

    There's a need to revolutionize travel so that time can be saved by covering the distances in less time and hence eventually increasing the working efficiency of a person.

    Hyper loop can be the best transport to revolutionize travel. Even a small prototype of hyper loop can help to cover large distances in less time .

    It will not only help to transport people to their destination but also help to supply necessary commodities on time in case of disaster or mishap in part of the country.


    IMAGE 1  depicts how it takes more than 2 hours to travel from Delhi to Pune.


    Wastage of time and money is noticed by the existing user in travelling which ultimately reduces the efficiency of people and often cause irritation and frustration.

    Also, public transports exhaust dangerous gases which ultimately degrade the quality of air.


    IMAGE 2 depicts how the time is reduced to 20 minutes if travel is revolutionized. 


    Once , hyper loop will be introduced, whole transportation will be revolutionized. Travelling from Delhi to Pune will become a matter of few minutes. Everything will become so fast.No waiting on platforms, No long queues and no more hustle in metros or buses. Also, since hyper loop works only on electricity, there won't be any air pollution and thus preserving the beauty of nature.

    HYPER LOOP at your service cheap, affordable and fast.

October 20, 2019

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