Lack of proper communication system between Deaf/Mute people and normal people

  • Rashmi, Nandini, Divya, Anushka
  • There has always been a communication gap between people and people with special needs. They make use of sign language or gestures to make others understand what they are trying to say but it is very challenging to understand by hearing people. Only their family and friends are capable of deciphering what they want to say. 

    Hence there should be a midway that would help these people to overcome this barrier and to make communication easy and understandable.

  • Better communication from both the sides can be ensured as everyone will be able to understand what they are trying to convey.This will largely help to overcome most of the difficulties being found by deaf people.

  • (World Stats)- According to the World Health Organisation, 466 million people across the world have disabling hearing loss (over 5% of the worlds population), of whom 34 million are children.

    India: India has been an oral country. Only recently got some leverage for Indian Sign Language(ISL). The majority of deaf schools use or at least claim to use an oral approach (almost banning sign language). Many deaf people also suspect a key factor working against them is the intense distaste for disability.

    Their demand and rights are neglected. Deaf and mute students of a school staged a protest and accused the Rajasthan government of ignoring their needs. All these cases reveal that they are oppresed as they communicate effectively.

    The device which can convert sign language into speech or text can make their life easier. Some prototypes are built for this purpose but they are not available in India and also they are very expensive. So, a device that is available for everyone can decrease this communication gap.

  • Existing User
    The condition of deaf and mute people in our country overwhelming due to lack of technology that is required by them.
    Lack of communication is often encountered i.e When the deaf and mute people try to put up a query/request something in front of others(especially in case of emergencies), nobody is able to understand their sign language which leads to hesitation/confusion.

    New user : With our product i.e gesture vocalizer, these people will be able to communicate effectively .
    The screen will display the message to be conveyed and a small speaker will assist in converting their sign language into speech.
    This will undoubtedly help them to deliver their message without any hesitation.

October 19, 2019

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