Lack of Connectivity within the college campus

  • Shivalika Goel, Riya Agarwal
  • When we first came to college, one thing that we felt was that this college lagged was a senior-junior connect. During difficulties, we felt we had no one to look up to.Due to this, simple processes such as buying and selling books in the college also became cumbersome. It required contacting a lot of people or going specially to markets like Chawri Bazar for just a single book and thus, this makes it a very time consuming task.
    Not just this, there were times when we wanted to work on an amazing idea but due to lack of connectivity, couldn’t find a team whose interests align perfectly with ours.Also, There might be people with the required skill set looking for projects, but due to connectivity lag couldn’t find a team to work this.

    Considering the busy schedule of college authorities have and thus, the problem of contacting to a professor, leading to wastage of time of both professors and the students is very prevalent and needs attention.

    Also, the lack of a single platform consisting of all the events happenings is really needed as a lot of students end up missing things just because they weren't aware of them.

  • College students , professors and the administration.

  • We being the students ourselves have faced this issue and have felt the need to have something that connects us all.
    We reached out to students and teachers of our college first to get an in-depth knowledge and realized that not only students but also the teachers feel the need for this.
    While discussing, our teacher told us our experience when she wanted to contact all the students of college regarding an international conference but couldn't because of the lack of connectivity.

    The only way professors can circulate any message is either through watsapp or mails. On watsapp, the probability of missing the message is very high as there are usually a lot of messages on the class group. The college mail ids are also not used by a lot of students and thus the issue of connectivity becomes a major issue.

    Ad revenue seems to be good when it comes to apps like these and thus we contacted a founder to a student housing startup to understand if he would be interested in having putting his ad on such a platform and we did get a positive response.

    Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Oo87yeL2L3N42nUfma7hOnpAjm--nLoq

  • We ourselves are the users of this app of ours. And we have had a bad journey when it came to certain things and that's why we came up with this idea.

    We had certain instances that will highlight the need to have such an app.

    -When I joined as a fresher, I wanted to buy books and notes which I did from a senior at a high price not knowing that a lot of other seniors were giving it for free or at a lesser price. I am in my 3rd year and those notes are still in the bag they came in total waste of money.

    -Then, towards the end of 1st year, I wanted to upgrade my branch and so I needed some information regarding it. It was pretty hard for me to find that one senior who could guide me through the process and that made me realize the need to have something that would connect us all.

    -We have missed a lot of workshops just because we weren't aware of it and we understand the problem because there have been many times when we wanted to float some message to everyone in the college but have always failed.

    -No one likes to wait, especially when you can just go home and sleep right? But, we have waited hours just to discuss something from the faculty because of their busy schedule.

    - Finding people with shared interests and goals and with whom you can connect is never easy, but a project always requires a team like that. We have failed and continue to fail in finding a good team to work with.

    These were some of the problems that not just us but a lot of our peers faced and these problems thus forced us to take some step against them.

    After building what we have aimed for, this is what we expect.

    As I firmly believe in the idea of collective learning and sharing, I downloaded this application as soon as I joined the college which aims to provide a platform that connects students and faculty with the idea of integrated learning and sharing. This application has really made my life easier. Now, I can buy all the college survivals at a single platform without having to contact a lot of seniors. Not just this, It’s a hub of all the events and workshops happening in our college. All I have to do is mark myself interested and I receive all the timely reminders so that I don’t miss out on anything. By registering myself on this app, I have connected to some like-minded people who share the same zeal and passion as mine and some seniors who believe in sharing of knowledge and are always there to help me out. It not only helps me connect to my fellow mates but also, to the professors by fixing an appointment which saves both time and effort. By being on this app, I feel more connected to the college and it helped me establish some bonds which I never could have.


October 20, 2019

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