Lack of a Well Advanced Ambulance System

  • The primary role of all ambulance services is emergency pre-hospital medical care, although they provide both emergency response and patient transfer on behalf of health sector,but the problem of ambulance delays due to traffic,leads to death of patients who needs emergency treatment but cannot reach to hospital on time and there is a lack of proper communication system between ambulance drivers and hospitals,beacause of this drivers sometimes get confused to take the patient to which hospital and which doctor will be available.

    So I think that it is very necessary to implement a proper advanced ambulance system which interconnects ambulance with traffic and hospitals.Every human life is important,so it is our duty to take care of it.

  • Hospitals

    Ambulance drivers

    Police-they can monitor road accidents

    Automobiles-They can setup a biometric acquisition system inside the ambulance to record heartbeat rate and temparature rate of patients and send it to the corresponding hospital before the patient reach there.



October 6, 2019

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