Killing student’s passion

  • Sagar Mohanty
  • Hey mentors

    Normally the students of age group 15-18 in India feel the pressure from their parents to pursue certain  carrer based on their interests killing the passion of their child. The child/student sometimes tries to convince their parents but all efforts goes in vain. Many families across India have their  own ideology that to became success in life only 2 streams are their i.e ENGINEERING and MEDICAL  and that is the main reason why 1051508 and 1519375 students appeared for the JEE mains and NEET respectively. Their is always a constant pressure maintained over the student by family/relatives  to crack these exams.

    They are not allowed to follow their own passion/interest which results in a great depression which a child faces in this vital age group.

  • A student of age 15 reading in class 10 gets good grades in his academics so his parents thought to send him to a good coaching institute for IIT-JEE but the child had a passion and love for music and he just can do anything for music. He loves  singing and also is a good composer. he has achieved many awards in the district levels also but their parents think that music can never get him money to survive so they discontinued all  the music classes for him and arranged jee coaching. This child can read hard and crack JEE but the passion for music in him dies and this results in a lot of regrets in the child's mind . These regrets can later turn into miserable conditions like depression and he will spend his whole life thinking ,scolding his parents that "Why he discontinued his passion?"

  • I interviewed with a 17 year old guy Swarup and asked for the interests he has and the course he is going to pursue and he replied-

    " Cooking is his passion and watching shows on TV, and videos on the Internet, he learnt to create a variety of things, most of which turn out great. He really want to study to become a chef. But, his parents disagree. They believe that cooking is not a lucrative profession, least of all for boys. In school his science grades are good hence his parents and grandparents are forcing him to do engineering – the thought of which upsets him."

    And then he asked me a question for which i do not have a good answer to it.


    How do I get them to believe me and let me do what I want? 

November 15, 2019

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