Hi tier 2 cities !!
    The fresh air that you breathe is a luxury that you can afford instead of having world-class facilities. The air that you breathe the air that you claim to be the purest during is a myth in tier 1 cities and industrial areas.

    The air that we breathe is literally the clean air as we believe to be in real-time but the hard fact remains down the lane is that it's the worst you can rely on apart from political reasoning in the country. It's the worst environmental problem in recent times preferably due to the burning of stubble in the NCR region in our country which contributes up to 50-60% of the particulate matter that causes the air to pollute. The government policies are the icing on the hollow cake which doesn't address the ground issues 'THE LESS SAID THE BETTER" .The affected areas being the capital region and the city is choking on the devastating effects of innocent causes of the farmers which is not so innocent when it comes back to them in the form of the acid rain."Fashion Industry" is the not so innocent factor in the pollution factor of the region. The transportation also adds to the cost that is being paid in the form of masks and medical costs and an unhealthy environment. The aim of this problem statement addresses the very essence of pollution by lessening it on the very ground level at infrastructure cost. The 90's added the very pollutants in the air and the world saw a rise in green revolution and harvester in the process which just added up the stubble burning without the lack of proper awareness towards its disposal.


    Delhi pollution: Lack of planning allows dust, stubble burning to choke capital

    A cloud of heavy smog is holding crores of men, women, and children captive in Delhi-NCR. Majorly constituted of dust and smoke from stubble burning this grey cover appears unlikely to retreat in the next few days.   

    Dust, which majorly comprises of loose soil, has emerged as a major contributor to air pollution. Unpaved roads and digging activities for various infrastructural construction expose the loose soil, contributing as much as 17 per cent of the particulate matter (PM) in the air, resulting in an increase in hazardous PM2.5, which is adverse to human health.
    According to a senior official in the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), dust pollution and waste burning, which includes plastic and dry leaves, is a serious concern for the department, as many strategies have been put in place, but it is yet to produce results.

    "It is unlikely the smoke enveloping the region will loosen its grip in the next few days. The air quality has even breached the severe category, it cannot be brought down instantaneously.

    "We advocate for penalizing the defaulters, but a cohesive approach from the concerned agencies is yet to come," said the senior CPCB official. (As per from the sources and peoples)

    The after-effects of dust become extremely dangerous when it combines with vehicular and industrial pollution.

    According to  Centre of Science and Environment, a TERI-ARAI study published in 2018 on PM 2.5 emissions showed that transport contributed 39 per cent, road dust 18 per cent, construction activities 8 per cent, followed by power plants 11 per cent to the air pollution in Delhi.
    The study also documented the data in the National Capital Region -- 12 per cent transport, industries 23 per cent, residential 24 per cent, agricultural burning 19 per cent and 8 per cent by power plants.
    • The Centre in an affidavit informed the Supreme Court stubble burning has declined by 41 per cent in the last two years in the capital's neighbouring states -- Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. It insisted that stubble burning incidents have not come down drastically.

      The Centre has already released Rs 1,100 crore to the states departments concerned to mitigate crop burning, but it is yet to show any effect.

      According to government agency System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting (SAFAR), under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, the share of stubble burning from the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana in Delhi's pollution rose to 46 per cent on Friday, which is referred to be the highest this year.

    • Root cause of stubble burning

    • North-side farmers used to prefer to grow more rice as compare to wheat.....the thing is that to harvest 1 ton of rice there is need of 7 ton of water ...and to get more money they harvest rice beyond the need of the people.... from the source we get to know that India needs  only 10 millions ton of rice in one year but instead of 10 millions ton India is harvesting 21 million ton of rice every year...just imagine that how much water has been used to get this target of 21 million of ton ..... according to the government of Haryana and Uttar Pardesh they decided to make rule that in April to September farmers will not farm to save the ground water ....and when September start farmers are in rush that how to farm rice and get output as soon possible.  During the month of January Rabbi Crops are to be sown, so are in a hurry to clear their fields. to do this they opt for Slash & Burn technique. This is the most common method to clear the farms. When this method is performed on a large scale it allot of  of pollution. This method is opted for 2 reasons :-
    • Time constraint of planting rabbi crops 
    • Unavailability of  finances to choose better options.
  • Soil Ph change: The acid rain in return changes the Ph value of soil which in turn uses more fertilizers.
    Machines in Factories: Damage to electronic and electrical equipment
    Medical Bill: The health issues related to breathing stacks up eventually adding dimes to the cost of bills burning a hole in their pockets.
    Climate change: Car Drivers who do not carpool, factories who do not treat their waste intern polluting the environment, residential communities who burn their garbage, etc.
    Toxic air leads to toxic water which in turn leads to food poisoning and various other factors which leads to an increase in mortality rate which is still a big issue in the religious belt of India.

    And as a consequence, the air quality in the national capital nose-dived, causing a burning sensation in eyes and throat, forcing the Delhi government to order the closing of schools

    The Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) on Friday declared a public health emergency in Delhi-NCR due to severe air pollution and advised people here, especially children and the aged, to limit their exposure to the environment.

  • Through a distant relative during the closure of our survey and understanding where the nook of the problem is we came to know that the problem is where the tier 2 city people would think the pollution level is lowest and the fresh air is available for the morning people to hop upon. The problem was faced by the team members when we went to Delhi on vacation during childhood or due to some work. The pictures are just alarming enough for us to realize the high stake of the problem in the economic and health sector. The problem was faced by the distant relative of one of the team members who complained about the breathing problem even during the early morning. He was trying to deep breathe quite a bit while talking to us and coughed in between a lot and sighed about living in the NCR region. He has recently experienced the asthma problem in the vicinity of his colony. He narrated about the incident and the victim is a 15 years old school homie guy.... his name is Ashutosh panda. who talked to us for hours describing how the monotonous life of school seems easy in front of traveling to the school on a daily basis because of difficulties faced by him. The difficulties WERE NEVER bag load or homework but the environment and the air that he complains of. Little that small child knows we are planning of culpable homicide in terms of the slow killing of the environment.  YES, there is a shortcut way to fix the issue (cut off the air) but no we can't because we sustain on it and everything is circled around the air. Lack of government motive and infrastructure is the basic cause of choking on the fact that we are breathing clean air is a myth now. There is no amount to fix the issue of the problem around which we are sustaining and without which we won't be there to write this up. The cost would never be an issue until the protestors against the Norte Diem donations were to show up and the mindset would really change to live in a greener safer environment. Should there be a cost factor in implementing a fix to the issue that questions the very essence of our existence????????????

    The problem doesn't lie with the creation but the efficient way of discarding and lessening them by using means. You just can't cut out harvester out from the heart of a Haryanvi farmer !!

    We talked to another person who is one of us relative ....his name is Ajit Kumar Singh. he used to live in Delhi with his family. 

    Ajit is a heart patient person and in the process of a conversation, he sighed about living in Delhi. We were curious if it was a sarcastic comment or a true fact of life. He is a morning person who wakes up early to bring milk after a brisk morning walk and a handful of yoga to carry on with the day. We just came by a very sarcastic reply to our questions, to which he narrated the air that they breathe during the early morning is fresh poison rather than fresh air. The quality of the air was well predictable even during the video call that we ended up with. It may be a small ailment for people like us in tier 2 and tier 3 cities but getting the kind of suffering having heart problems is a serious issue. The mask gets blackened out after a day of usage. The coughing and burning sensation of the throat is a serious issue for a heart patient as it is not a part of the regular symptoms !! Well, now we can guess what's up with that person now. Is it really heart problem or the soot that's causing the burns ?? There's nothing out there that can heal the issue but upgrading the quality can surely improve the lifestyle of others !!

  • The only thing that shocked us after seeing the pics and videos is that the actual parameters and level of pollution can't be accessed only seeing the pics. The ground reality is quite alarming. The pollution killer link shows so


    here's the video link which clarifies the problem


November 25, 2019


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