• Sakshi Vij, Shreya Prasad
  • India is known as a growing country. There are so many facilities available today. Be it google Maps that takes to a location or Uber that provides you cab service. Technology has helped improve various aspects in our daily life. But when it comes to life of a patient, we rely on our manforces. 

    Whenever a person's health worsens, one thing always comes to our mind. That is calling an ambulance. We solely depend on it to save the patients life. But a ambulance does not have any contact with the hospital unless it reaches it's destination. In many cases, doctor do not even have any details about the person and is not able to treat him/her quickly. Thus many times patients are lost because of non availability of quick treatment.







  • Patients and their relatives, ambulance drivers, doctors and hospital staff 

  • I have seen many cases where the patient was badly injured. Due to various factors like traffic and weather, even though the ambulance was on time but there was delay in reaching the hospital. During that time, the patients health worsened.

    Even though patient reached to hospital, the doctors some time to diagnose which could have been minimized had there been some communication between hospital and ambulance.

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October 20, 2019

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