Interior Design using Augmented Reality

  • However amazing augmented reality is, it is still mostly associated with games and entertainment. Plenty of uses exist for augmented reality in interior design too. When projects move from the prototyping to the construction phase, augmented reality can be used to enhance, or perhaps even replace digital drawings used by fabricators and engineers.

    At some point, attention must turn to more aesthetically oriented design aspects, like the look and feel of a building’s interior. Here too, augmented reality can be put to good use, not only by architects, designers, and marketers but also by those on the demand side. Whether engaging professional interior designers or taking the do-it-yourself approach, home or commercial-property buyers can use Augmented Reality applications to experiment with design elements and define how finished rooms will look, before committing to choices in floor and wall coverings, furnishing, and fixtures.

  • Mahira had recently bought a see-facing penthouse apartment. She was muddled on her choices of floors, walls, furnishing and fixtures which was not letting her commit to her options. 

    She came across a technology which used augmented reality that helped her scan and model her space in three dimensions. The high quality camera helped her instantly map her workspace into a photorealistic 3D model where she could push in suitable alternatives and instantly compare.

October 6, 2019

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