Intelligent Tourist System

  • Dibyaprakash Prusty Biswajit Sahoo Chiranjibee Mohapatra Ashis Kumar Mohapatra
  • India is a country of natural beauty & wonderful Scenery.Indian civilization attracted  many travelers.so a lot of foreigner has came to india for enjoying the beauty of mistrious nature. But everyone do not know about all the places and the mistrious history about it.Everyone faces a lots of problem for finding routs to visit that places and did not conform about if there is an avalibility of hotels or not.Specially foreigners faces lots of problem for finding hotels and communication .Due to this lack of problems everyone could not utilize the proper beauty of our nation.Specially foreigners could not found a proper travel agency and a proper guidance for knowning about the history of the place.He also found dificulties for choosing a appropriate hotels for him.

  • one of my friend from Panjab had came to odisha for visiting.He is also a victim of this problem.He faces lots of problem for finding every tourist places and its proper routs.The main abunadant problem of him was he did not gate a proper travel egency for communication and a mentor for knowing about the mistrious history behind every tourist places.He also found  very difficulties for choosing appropriate hotels for him.    

  • I am also faced very difficuties to know the proper rout for tourist places.I had never got a appropriate mentor and a proper travel egency for the places.For which i am unable to know the tradional history behind every tourist  places.

    If we create a appropriate medium ,in which every people should know about all  the all tourist places and a proper rout for ,this tourist places easily.we have to set a proper travel agency  and  mentor for every tourists for which they should go and know the history of every places.We have to set all the hotels around every places for which it should be a great useful for every users.

November 9, 2019

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