Intelligent Drone

  • Surya Prasad S, Harshak Krishnaa K, Ajay Ramanan G V, Jai Balaje S
  • Explosives and Weapons are the tools of the trade for terror attacks staged by terrorists and such. They pose a threat to the peace and security of the people of the community. They are hard enough to detect in airports and other places of interest. It becomes even harder to detect the location of hostile elements in an unknown situation such as a hostage or bomb situations. Hence in order to gather intel smaller and sneakier means of scouting are needed. So a small vehicle like a drone is preferred.

  • Military units who are involved in the recon and rescue, Victims who are caught in the above situations as hostages or leveraging are the target audience.

  • We propose a solution based on SONAR imaging. A drone is mounted with an ultrasonic sensor that pings the target location and generates an image from the reflected sound wave. We repeat the process several times and make the imagery very concrete. This provides us with intel about an unknown area without optimizing any human resources. This technology can also be used for navigation in the dark where other methods like LIDAR fail. The main focus of this project lies in the reconstruction of the image from the hardware as such greater size reduction can be observed. 

    The costs would be minimized, as the image processing carries greater weight here.

  • Without this system, with other conventional systems, generally negotiators, who were sent in, were asked about the situation and footage from surveillance cameras was taken as the sole means of gathering intel. Existing drones are too large to go unnoticed in extreme conditions like a hostile takeover.

    With the intelligent drone scouting out the area the intel provided will be more accurate and reliable than word of mouth. As for navigation, it can further be provided with object detection and avoidance systems. This will result in a drone that is fully capable of traversing terrains with only sonar sensing.

November 14, 2019

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