Integrity of Transaction among Individuals of a Group

  • Naveen Kumar
  • In a small group where the individuals among group have to participate in some manner to achieve some common goal it is necessary to account the participation of individuals of group. For example, four persons are living in the same room and the electric bill, room rent, money charge by maid, etc should be distributed among the individuals. The solution used by most of the peoples in this case is to maintain a diary in which each individual person write the bill or rent paid by him which is equally distributed among individuals at the end of the month. Whoever there is a problem in this solution anybody can write a purchase or bill which he has not done. So there is a need of validation of everything which is written in the notebook. The above example is a casual example but there may be some scenarios where these transactions matter a lot like participation of individuals in a business. The participation can be in the form of money or any contribution like idea or work.

  • Integrity of Transaction among Individuals of a Group: Students living in a room, Business partners, Project members, etc.

  • Integrity of Transaction among Individuals of a Group

    Interview 1:

    Introduce yourself?

    I am Abhishek Gaur currently I am in Lucknow doing preparation for government jobs.

    1) Do you face this problem? (Why, When, Where and How?)

    Ans 1) After my M.Tech I have become guest faculty in MNNIT Allhabad.
    I have taken a room at Uptron Chauraha with my colleagues Naveen Kumar and Kaushal Kumar.
    We three live in a room and expenses like electricity bill, cleaner, room rent, food (vegetables, oil, flour, etc.) were used to share between us.
    At first we used to calculate the expense of the day and distribute the expense among each of us.
    Then we maintain a diary to so that we can distribute the expense among us at the end of month.
    However, some time I have issues like entries in the diary are correct or not, the item(s) bought which are added in the diary belongs to individuals or group etc.

    2) Do you know anyone who does?

    Ans 2) I have this issue, but I have no solution for it as this is a matter of trust.
    I don't know if anyone else has this issue.

    3) Examples / Experiences on this

    Ans 3) One of my room partners have written 1000 RS for the expense of edible goods in the diary.
    But, the items bought by him were less.

    4) Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?

    Ans 4) There was no solution to this problem at that time you are bound to trust. But at this time there are some apps which can help with this issue.

    5) How much would you pay to fix it?

    Ans 5) It depends on the problem. If it is the scenario discussed above, then 1000 RS to 1500 RS is enough.

  • The main problem which is solved by our solution is the trust between the peers of a group. Our solution will helps to enforce this trust.

February 4, 2020

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