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  • 20% of the total deaths during childbirth or pregnancy are from India. Estimates show that 55,000 women die due to preventable pregnancy-related causes in India. Mothers and children in the lowest economic bracket have about a two and a half times higher mortality rate. There is a marked variation in MMR and healthcare access between regions and in socioeconomic factors. Rural women lack access to basic healthcare needs during pregnancy which needs to be addressed. Expecting adolescent girls face a higher risk of complications. Major problems in the current mother-child healthcare scenario in India are awareness or the lack of healthcare, access to healthcare facilities, absence or the manpower crisis in healthcare, affordability, and accountability. Moreover, almost 1 of every 10 infants born in India are premature. Premature babies may have health problems like breathing problems, feeding difficulties, developmental delay, vision problems, hearing problems, cerebral palsy (because their organs did not have enough time to develop), etc. Hence, there is a lack of awareness in rural areas, limited access to accurate and comprehensive information about healthy maternal, neonatal and child health practices, social services entitlements and how to use them, the unavailability of doctors and health counselors in the PHCs, lack of hygiene and sanitation are the prime causes of such deaths that need to be addressed.

    The keys to child survival include the age of a mother at childbirth and her education level, the spacing between children, gender-discriminatory child-rearing practices, access to improved sanitation, drinking water quality and maternal and child nutrition. This all needs to be addressed and worked upon to improve the healthcare and the lifestyle of the affected portion of the society. Early detection of health risks and immediate treatment of pregnancy-related complications by competent and qualified personnel via digitization is key.

  • The solution of the problem

    Our idea aims to improve the current scenario of maternal health and neonatal care in India, thereby providing better healthcare facilities to rural women and children and improving their health and lifestyle. To reduce neonatal and maternal deaths, complicated births we intend to create a Mobile and a website application with several features to ensure their proper health.

    Our app and website will serve the following purposes:-

    • Promote, protect and maintain the health of expecting mothers during pregnancy by creating awareness and providing information about important vaccines, dietary requirements as well as convenient access to medical care by showing the location of nearby hospitals using GPS.
    • The interactive and user-friendly interface along with multilingual support makes it easy to use by rural people.
    • Educating adolescent girls and expecting women about human rights, sanitation, hygiene, and sex education.
    • A public chat forum is introduced where everyone can interact with the people living across the country facing the same medical issue. People can add their own experiences and the medication too that will be supervised by specialized doctors.
    • Access to nearby hospitals/ health care centers is provided.
    • Educational videos about how to take care of children, what kind of nutrition they need, hygiene and sanitation, etc. are provided. 
    • An SOS button for emergencies, the user can also place a call to the counselors in their native language to get information that will be provided.
    • The application can also be made personalized by logging in and can also be used to send documents for example x-rays, reports etc. in the private chat section
    • An immunization section dealing with information about the vaccines and regular tests that are necessary for the children.
    • All the information about government schemes and funds are mentioned as well. Notifications about updates in such schemes will be sent in their regional languages. 

    Our app and website will cater to three types of users- expecting mothers, parents, doctors & volunteers.

    The website and app will have an interactive and simple UI so that it is easy to use by rural people with an emphasis on pictorial and video representations and will be available in multiple languages so as to be operated by the masses.

  • We are in the process of taking this project to the stage of deployment. Application features take into consideration the needs and the requirements of the targeted users with an aim to ease their lives and improve their health and lifestyle patterns as well as provide a platform to establish communication between doctors and patients.

    Target users are expecting mothers, children requiring special medical assistance, doctors and volunteers.

        With the deployment of the product, we aim at:

    -Improving the doctor-patient ratio by bringing in the certified and unemployed doctors into the picture (processes are available for the verification of the certified doctors), hence reducing the unemployment while at the same time pairing a patient with the doctor.

    • Awareness in rural areas can be improved by organizing various camps in those areas with the help of application volunteers.
    • Notifications would be sent regularly to the parents so as to keep them updated with the present scenario of their child and would also help them in taking proper care of them.
    • Provide multi-lingual speech therapy
    • Include the option to book slots with doctors and train body movement dataset with other growth parameters
    • Detect misalignment of bite using mouth movement dataset
  • Here The proposal We made :


    This is the final solution we build :


    Demo of our project :


October 20, 2019

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