Image based posture monitoring and alert system in real time.

  • Umeshraja N, Neeraj , U Vijay Gokul
  • There is a huge chunk of modern office-going IT population who complaint about neck pain, back pain etc. It is a prevalent problem. While maintaining a healthy posture is not that difficult, it becomes a problem over time to constantly maintain the same position, making it all the more difficult. Part of the blame goes to the users leaning towards the system, uncanny postures, incorrect positioning of the monitors. All of it collectively take a toll on the body causing muscle and bone stiffness which in turn causes all the problems mentioned by the affected users.

  • Target audience: Long time computer users like IT employees, gamers ,students and many other casual users.

  • Dr. Subashree Venkatraman - ophthalmologist

    Host : How do you see this problem for the present generation?

    Interviewee : Yes, definitely this issue is to be discussed . people are just ignoring these kind of problems which can even leads to the complications like early spondylitis etc..,

    H : Is there any scope of improvement in our project?

    I : Design vice the coverage can be raised from cervical spine support, because nowadays these kind of position monitoring systems only focus on back spine . This can be extended to the neck portion so that even prevent hunches back.  And also major issue like drying of eyes retina due to not blinking of eyes periodically . This can also be considered so that this notifies the users blinking rate normally and compare with the present rate. If the present rate is less than the threshold rate , notify the user about blinking.

    H : What is the future scope of this project?

    I : The portion which you are considering can even be extended to legs which are also causing many problems which people are unaware of.

  • The user at fist will be notified as to how and when his posture is being corrected and will be given a data of his posture history which will then help the user analyse at what time or at what hour of work his posture usually changes and warns him beforehand. The user will also be notified as to take a break or walk around if he is sitting for long hours together. The user's eye blinking rate per minute will also be calculated and the user would be notified to blink if he is not blinking enough as drying up of cornea leads to eye problems which is also a major issue among office-goers.

November 14, 2019

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