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  • Automated Time table updation 

    Idea is based upon the problem which we student face daily because of cancellation of classes. It is simply a waste of time for students. 

    So using automated Time tabel updation our time table would get automatically update before  4 am on the bases of availability of faculty for that particular day. If it is possible for other teacher to take the class then he/she can marked their availability. Student will receive the updated time table prior to next morning. 

  • In this project our target audience would be faculty members whose availability decides time tabel for next day and students who face problem because of cancellation of classes. 

    Updation of time table by faculty.

    Student can access the time table only in read format. 

  • After declaring our problem statement we interacted with our classmates and with few more college students to know the depth of problem, we asked certain questions to then related to what type of problem they face because of cancellation of classes and why they need it's important to solve this issue. We asked questions like how it's gonna help them in future.And its pleasure to state that we have received  huge positive response. All students are agree on this point that uncertainty in classes waste their lots of productive time.Students wants to plan their whole day as per as college schedule so it would create an ease to keep everything time to time without and hindrance and uncertainty. Students seemed willing to see its implementation and use it further   for their beneficial.

    After interacting with students we proposed our idea in front of some of our faculty members,we stated our problem statement to them and described tentative or rough approach towards the solution. Faculty members also welcomed this concept wholeheartedly and they also seemed willing to implement it.

    After doing some research we have found that this idea is not something which is totally new but rarely used in colleges. We can see it's implementation in some high profile institutes. 

  • Before our product :

    As we can see that basically 3 and 4 year student face this problem of cancellation of classes and uncertainty of time tabel. So after interacting with these students we get to know that they have to struggle a lot because of cancellation ation of classes, lots of us have to travel 2 hours or more to come to college and sudden chnage in schedule or cancellation of classes affects their whole day schedule. They are not able to plan their day as per as they want. Sometimes prior they are informed that classes would be as  per as schedule but when they reached college they come to know they only have 1 or 2 classes. 

    We understand this fact that faculty mamembrs need to skip their lecture because of some urgency but it would be better of are able to come up with the solution which is helpful for both faculty and students.. Because faculty members also want to complete their syllabus. So here is our solution in which if a particular faculty members is not able to take their class at that day, then some other faculty member can take if he is comfortable in that subject and of he is free. 


    We haven't think about the complete implementation strategy yet. But we have a tentative or rough approach about how we will going to proceed it. We want to keep it simple  as we are making this software  for colleges. So using advanced or complex technology is not our are of focus. We can implement this project by simply using general programming languages like object oriented based c++ or python. We will use mysql and web designing too. 

    After the project, impact on user:

    After its implementation we are sure that it's definately gonna make students life easy.After the introduction of automated time tabel management we would be able for better planning for the day. 




October 20, 2019

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