Hygiene, Water recycling and Time Management

  • BJB College, GEC, NIT Rkl
  • Partha Das, Shubham K Hota, Chinmaya Behera
  • Nowadays people like students, bachelors or working professionals are so much busy in their college and office work they don't have time for their Laundry and Ironing due to which they have to give their clothes to the laundryman for cleaning and ironing. But there is a problem the clothes don't come in good condition nor it comes on time when needed from the laundryman. Also in many places like colleges, apartments there is a huge problem of availability of laundryman and ironwala. 

    • Students living in hostels of colleges, universities, schools.
    • Working professionals or couples who don't have time.
    • Bachelors 
    • Universities or Apartments where there is a lot of water are going waste due to the carelessness of water spending. 
  • Interview Transcript

    • Problem-related to Laundry and Ironing ( Colleges n University )
    1. Why and How?
    •  Many colleges don't have a washing machine and ironing machine in their facilities.
    • Students don't have time to clean and iron their clothes manually.

           2. When and where? - Every day and every week in college 

    • The solution to this problem is automatic Washing vending machine zones that will be 24x7 open for the people. Any student can go in there free time, put their clothes, pay the machine online and offline and when their clothes are cleaned they can come back to collect it. Another side of this zone is its water-saving property just think how much water students in hostels waste but the washing vending machine zones reuse that water again for cleaning by filtering it.  
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1py8ZFZWH4OXMypkOI-E8PosmlogZEQMh/view?usp=sharing

November 10, 2019

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