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  • More Indians die cleaning sewers than fighting terrorists in Kashmir. It is almost as risky for a person to step into a manhole to unclog sewer lines in urban area as it is for security personal fighting insurgency in Kashmir. Over the last 8 years at least, the death toll among sewer workers has started to converge with that of security forces deployed in the Beleagured state.

  • Sewer Workers who enter the sewers are unaware of the physical conditions inside the sewer. Gas concentration varies in sewers. Therefore, they  usually end up being the victim of hazardous accidents.  Their health is not given due attention which results in loss of life.

    We therefore feel that there is a  need to notify the person inside and outside the sewer about the increasing gas concentration levels. This will enable the person to come out of sewer on time, thus saving his life.

  • Q. Have you or your any relative/friend been in sewer lines?

    A. No, i have never been in sewer lines but i have read many articles about deaths caused to the person who went inside.

    Q. Do you think human involvement for the cleaning of sewer must be abolished completely? And what do you think how these deaths can be controlled?

    A. Involvement of human in sewer cleaning is itself a dangerous task and without any precaution/knowledge of hazardous gases  cause deaths. So some outside help is required to be given to the person who is present inside.

    Q. What if there would be a device which could be send before the man goes inside just to check the inner conditions like gases concentration, manhole area,etc.

    A. Well, that would be helpful.

  • Going into a manhole is one of the most noxious work one does. They get inside a manhole without knowing the inner environment. To save ones life we have come up with a solution where we will be using a drone, which will check the inner conditions of manhole for e.g. concentration of inside gases present, the flow of sewer, current temperature inside , etc.. this will help the worker to decide whether going inside is safe or not which will for surely help to save life. The drone will be available to the local authority. All the cleaning authority has to do is to give a phone call and have to submit photos of there document by scanning. They have to submit a little amount as collateral.The drone will arrive at the cleaning place and will do all the prior inspection of the entire sewer system nearby and will communicate with the people outside and will also predict about the conditions inside it. Surely there will be an app available in play store which will support all these functionalities and this will make it user friendly.
    Presently there are systems where sensors are established within the sewer system but that will increase the cost and limits the life of sensors as they are being used when not in use. This will make anyone reluctant to install such a system in the sewer.
    But with our technology not only the recurring cost will decrease and the life of sensor will increase but will be very user friendly that will make anyone to use it.

October 20, 2019

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